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Northwestern University

sbenjamin [at] u.northwestern [dot edu


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SILC Faculty Member and member of our Spatial Network.

Stacy Benjamin directs the Certificate in Engineering Design program in Segal. She is an expert in engineering design process, innovation strategies, and project management, resulting from 10 years of industry experience at IDEO and independent innovation consulting.

Stacy strongly believes in learning-by-doing, and she works to structure class project experiences as close to industry experiences as possible. She encourages students to think critically throughout the design process. Asking the right questions can prevent you from solving the wrong problem.

Stacy has also been building a network of Segal Affiliates, specialists in industry from a range of companies in the Chicago land area. The Affiliates interact with the students through design reviews, guest lectures, project support, and more. This gives students another window on how engineering is applied in the real world, as well as a chance to begin building their own networks.